You are in mood to have some fun, and you want to take your boys along. What can possibly be more enticing than a gentlemen’s club? The concept of gentlemen’s clubs has evolved considerably in the last few years. Today, these are posh entertainment avenues, where you can have a good time with the most stunning strippers, besides also enjoying the best of booze. Some names like Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club also organize car shows and have special sports lounges, which can take your strip club experience to the next level. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about visiting a gentlemen’s club.

  • It’s good to ask for prices. If you are excited to have a lap dance, or would want one of the nude strippers to offer a dance at your table, you should ask in prices. Both lap dances and table dances come for a price, and that’s usually decided by the house. Do not try to negotiate with that. In fact, when you want the strippers to come back to you time and again, tipping is highly recommended.

  • Tipping at a gentlemen’s club can be a bit tricky. Keep in mind that tipping is not necessary, but this is what most guests are expected to do. When you visit a gentlemen’s club, ensure that you have enough cash. For most other payments, especially for the booze and food, you can actually rely on card. Don’t pay too low, because you will be embarrassed!
  • Try the packages. Many clubs now have ready packages, which may have inclusions like private servers, private managers, special booze offers, reserved area, free stage roast and more. These packages are handy for groups and couples who want to have the best of VIP services.
  • No harm in refusing. You don’t want a full-friction dance, and that’s fine. Most guests end up spending more because they just don’t know how to say a ‘no’. Strippers will always ask, because that’s their job. It is okay to avoid when you don’t want to.

  • Being respectful is expected. Being around nude, especially fully-nude, women can be overwhelming, but do not try to grope or touch these women. Always remember that strippers are professionals, and all gentlemen’s clubs have rules with regards to dos and don’ts. Using your camera is also a strict no-no.

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