Birthday may be the day which all waits in the future and celebrate. It’s the children who eagerly watch for their birthday in the future. Birthday it’s time when all can also enjoy. It’s the here we are at party, dancing and eating. Birthday without cake is useless. It’s the birthday cake whose aroma fills the whole atmosphere with pleasure and happiness. Though cake is definitely like by basically cake on special day features its own importance. For your making birthday cake and supplying a special party can provide immense pleasure towards the person whose birthday it’s. For giving that perfect gift of affection one you’ll need


1. 70gms sieved wheat flour,

2. 30gms cacao powder,

3. 100gms powdered sugar,

4. 4 eggs,

5. 1 teaspoon baking powder,

6. Chocolate essence,

7. Sheets of Butter Paper,

8. Butter or ghee,

9. Cake mould


Beat eggs inside a mixing bowl, add powdered sugar and blend utilizing a hands blender. Add chocolate essence. Sieve together wheat flour, cacao powder and baking powder. Add wheat flour into this mix into portions, to prevent protuberances. Mix while using cut and fold method. Inside a mold, place butter paper, grease it with ghee or butter, pour the mix in it, and spread evenly. Preheat the oven at 180 levels C for 5-10 minutes after which bake this cake in the same temperature for 30-35 minutes or up until the cake has baked.

Then decorate the wedding cake with icing of flavored colors. Even surface of that it may be decorated with Sweets and chocolates, distributing sparkling colors candle lights as well as dry fruits. One may add cherries along with other fruits reduce small pieces. There are various types of birthday cakes exist for example apple, chocolate, Honey and pineapple strawberry, orange cake and much more. Based on the taste it may be prepared. It’s possible to also place toy on the top from the cake if it’s child’s birthday. With various floral colors of ribbons cake look beautiful. Thus birthday is a special event and without cake it’s incomplete. For your exotic birthday cake could be a day’s remembrance.