South Asian cuisine has taken the world by storm. There are restaurants dedicated to almost every Asian country in the US, and Japanese cuisine has found massive patronage. Today, you will find eateries and fine-dine restaurants serving a wide range of Japanese delicacies and sushi in Denver and cities like Aspen. For someone who has never been to a Japanese restaurant, the options can be overwhelming, and in this post, we are sharing all you must know about the popular options.

Sushi, sushi and more sushi!

Sushi is easily what most people associate with Japanese cuisine. It is made of Japanese rice seasoned with rice vinegar, with different fillings. You can get fish, chicken, or veg sushi variants at most restaurants. There are also varieties in sushi, and most eateries serve either Maki sushi, or Nigiri sushi. The sauces served with sushi include wasabi, soy sauce and other dips, so make sure to try all.

Sashimi for the love of fish

Sashimi and sushi are not the same thing. Sashimi is, in fact, an acquired taste. It basically refers to raw fish that’s sliced into thin pieces and served with wasabi and soy sauce. You can find raw meat sashimi too, but fish is more popular. Keep in mind that sashimi is not served with rice and must be made with fresh fish only.

Kare raisu – Where’s the curry?

In Japan, you will find Kare raisu at most every restaurant. This is nothing but rice served with curry, but don’t be confused with the curry taste, because it is not what most Indian restaurants serve. Meats and veggies are used for making the curry, and some restaurants do make curry with duck meat. Let the waiter know about your spice tolerance, although it doesn’t have to burn your lips!

Tempura – fry it all the way!

If you are looking for a dish that doesn’t sound too drastic for your taste buds, try the tempura. This is basically a style of frying, where fillers – can be veggies, seafood, or meat – are dipped in a special tempura batter and deep fried! Contrary to what some people may think, tempura is not at all spicy and doesn’t really originate in Japan, but in Portugal!

Finally, do try the classic ramen soup, which tastes best in miso broth or pork bone broth, served with egg, veggies or meats. We promise you will love each of these classic Japanese dishes!