Arizona has too many restaurants and eateries to choose from. From the quaint cafés and shops to the elaborate fine dining options, you will find something for every budget. If you are looking for great food and casual dining experience, Phoenix has some really good options. In this post, we are discussing the food items you must try while visiting a seafood restaurant in Phoenix.

Every restaurant is unique

Seafood restaurants in the region can surprisingly have different menus. Some, such as Angry Crab Shack, have lunch bowls and special options for dinners. Beyond crabs and shrimps, you can also try ready meals and even mussels and exotic options like Blue crabs and scallops. Spices in Arizona can be very diverse. From the mild taste bombs to ‘so spicy that I cannot feel my lips’, there are a wide range of choices for everyone. If you want to try seafood in a different way, make time for Cajun spices and something like lemon pepper. Some of the restaurants will ask you specifically about the spice contents that you love, so you can always ask for details.

Experience with dinner

If you are out for a crazy dinner, go all experimental with your seafood choices in Arizona. In Phoenix, you can try something like crispy sea clams, raw and charred oysters, shrimps served with cocktail sauce, lobster meat with citrus zest, crisp calamari served with cocktail sauce and fresh citrus and more. Some of the restaurants have specialties like “jalapeno cornbread hush puppies”, and as we had mentioned earlier, Cajun spice is among the loved options in many restaurants and diners.

Explore your options

Many eateries in Phoenix are booked in advance, so for peak lunch and dinners, consider going a tad early. It is also a wise idea to review restaurants based on what other guests have to say. Online reviews are really handy in that context. The good news is Phoenix has budget choices, so if you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive diners and lounges, the casual restaurants will surprise you in the nicest manner. As for food, you can also explore sandwiches, burgers, BBQ food and steaks at most restaurants, and chilaquiles are often served as a full meal. For those who don’t know, chilaquiles are tortillas with eggs and sauces like salsa, and we promise it’s worth indulging, specially for breakfast,

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